Property Valuation Mistakes That Will Cost You $1m Over

Commission seer I shouldn’t be listening payment fee sit should really just be crew sales and then you subtract refunds to get to tourney sales at the bottom of that the expense categories are also a little bit weird we don’t have general and administrative sales and marketing research and development instead we’ve split things into much more granular categories down here also if you notice none of these categories actually has quite a lot and spending and that’s because my own salary is not included.

Here since i am taking money out of the business in the form of a dividend or some type of annual bonus payment i paid it myself I’m not even listening Property Valuation Melbourne at on the income statement and I don’t think of it as an ongoing business expense but of course again if we were acquired by someone else or if we eventually want to go public if we got much bigger we’d have to list that we have to count my own salary somewhere here and then finally the income tax rate here is quite a bit lower than what it probably would be for a large public company.

The effective tax rate is around twenty-five to thirty percent most public companies are taxed more like thirty five to forty percent in the US so this is something else that we have to adjust in future periods so those are the main problematic areas to adjust for all that and to come up with normalized version of the statements we might have something like this where we list gross sales and net sales at the top and all we do to move from one to the other is subtract refunds and allowances and we might put all the operating expenses in more normal categories will take out anything that’s intermingled like travel expenses will also add in my own salary and allocated to these categories as appropriate we didn’t change anything with the taxes in the historical period.

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previously but think of yourself this per bankrupt even brothers annual valued the forty nine percent like instead you work with the seller you work for the Bach investments welcome back seeing companies seeing point in time same information one comes back with a hundred five dollars per share the other comes back with a hundred and fifty five dollars who had to get back with a hundred and five dollars.

unit one flying again johnny came to know what number you gave the high boil overhand of course he got fifty pages tobacco evaluations numbers are so different they decide to corn good investment bank west of the two seasoning three i guess and equality and what’s his fever someone said something credibly harsh about these guys but i mean every word these guys value with twenty don’t abandon a brown paper bag if you put in frontiersman visited that they want to put the nobody’s seen beforehand the president to cash in the bag multiple p point three before.

you know maybe big sixty six dollars or twenty dollar bins few good that was a bargainer earlier i did not do it you’ll get pissed off i decide too much section financing with the safest place for you to be one oh five one fifty five but one thing that i would let you know secret valuation don’t let doctors from if you are ever asked about you something never ever ever come back within ice storm don’t get me a target price is forty thirty eight dollars and eighty seven cents it’s amazing what that second at some of the width of the creating a million she actually know what to do it second-guessing appointment wherein invalid decimal sand accept this assignment he got ten decibels fifty intimidation factor overwhelming I’m trying to save most valuation the value gets it undervaluation decide what to pay that they voted for justification what they’ve already decided it’s not.

The way it’s supposed to work but it’s reality had no more biased civility to this process less point interested overvaluation most by this process of law tugging at them biggest valuation some items for us that position it’s a most screwed up process you can think of-you remind us bank can hear the questioning thinking about doing.

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