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Whenever a Property Valuation is being bought or sold, the onus lies on the buyers and sellers to have a clear idea about the various process by which the ownership gets transferred from the seller to the buyer. The success or otherwise of any Valuation depends on the type of knowledge you posses as a customers. To start with it is important for you to understand that property Valuation is too complicated a subject to be handled by the customers themselves. Hence, they should not live in a make-believe world that there are some simple YID steps by which property ownership transfer can happen smoothly.

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Absolutely, Megan. It’s important to have a local property valuation agent that you can work withand that understands the details of the coverage for your neighborhood and for your region,an agent that will grow with you and grow with all the changes of both yourself and your family.In addition to doing an annual insurance review, I always suggest that my clientsdo a little checklist to prevent losses in the first place. A checklist that you maybe do twice a year.I always suggest you do it with Daylight Savings Time so you don’t forget. For additional ideas on how to save money and to make sure you have the best coverage,go to and find an agent near you.Tim, thank you.

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